Hello, we are the International & Diversity Committee.  We organize opportunities for the school community to appreciate the richness of our multicultural world, gain a deeper understanding of our own and others’ experience, and promote a worldwide culture of peace.  Our committee supports the school’s efforts to prepare young people to live cooperatively and respectfully in a diverse world and to provide a school culture where students are welcomed and supported to learn and grow.  

We work with the administration, faculty, students, and parents to create an environment that is culturally responsive, recognizing the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives at ICS.  Our committee sponsors activities throughout the year that promote multicultural and acceptance themes. Each year, we organize International Week activities to celebrate our diversity and learning, including a pot-luck festival featuring foods, dance, and cultural activities from many countries.   We welcome your involvement; please email icsdiversity@gmail.com.

Lee Ilan & Oleida Rangel are the co-chairs of the International & Diversity Committee.  


The planned events for this year are...

  • Community Survey

  • A Martin Luther King Jr. Event

  • International Week

  • The International Fair