Being a class parent is a wonderful way to connect with your teacher and get involved in the classroom.  Class parents have four main responsibilities.  They are...

 1.    Build and maintain a relationship with your teachers to see what they need.

2.    Connect with your classroom via Konstella, our online parent portal.

3.    Create community within the classroom.

4.    Organize the holiday gifts & end of year gifts.

Julie, our Class Parent Coordinator, will help guide you and provide you with different ways to meet these responsibilities and connect with your individual teacher.

If you would like to become a class parent, please send an email to Julie ( and your teachers.  You can also signup via Konstella ( Depending on the number of interested parents, as well as everyone's availability, two class parents will be chosen.  Please know that even if you aren't the class parent there are still many ways to be involved in the classroom.