We have several after school options for you.  To register for any of them, you will sign up directly with the provider or teacher.  There are four types of after-school options. 

1. Teacher-Run: These enrichment classes are taught by our ICS teachers.  Kindergarten and 1st graders can enroll for classes held at 55 Willoughby Street.  2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders can enroll for classes held at 9 Hanover Place.  Students will NOT be walking between buildings this year.

2. On-Site After-School Programs: These classes are run by outside companies and taught at ICS.  Just like the teacher-run programs your child can enroll in a class that takes place in their building.  Students will NOT be walking between buildings. 

3. Off-Site After-School Programs that will pick up from ICS: These programs have agreed to pick-up children at both ICS locations and walk them to their facility.

4. Kids Orbit: This is our in-house after-school program.  

Financial Aid is available. Please fill out this form on the ICS website to apply.  The Family Organization will be providing financial assistance for Teacher-Run classes only. Once you have been approved, please fill out this form to indicate which class you would like to enroll your child. Because of limited funds and to assist as many families as possible, the FO will be offering partial aid this session. The deadline to apply for financial assistance from the FO is December 14th. If you have any questions, please email Matt Sorin (mattsoar@hotmail.com)  ICS also provides scholarships for other programs.  That information is on their website.




Lego Club - Mr. Moises & Ms. Stephanie

Artists & Crafts- Ms. Matti & Jackie Carter

Beginner Piano - Mr. Kyle

Brooklyn Music School - OFFSITE

Backpacks & Binoculars - OFFSITE

Gymstars - OFFSITE


Spanish - Ms. Longman & Ms. Shuman

Lego Club - Mr. Moises & Ms. Stephanie

The Stage*

Brooklyn Music School - OFFSITE

Backpacks & Binoculars - OFFSITE



Little Engineers - Ms. Palma & Ms. S

The Stage*

Brooklyn Music School - OFFSITE

Backpacks & Binoculars - OFFSITE

Gymstars - OFFSITE


Chorus (for Winter & Spring) - Mr. Kyle

Art Club - Ms. Palma & Ms. S

Mad Science*

Brooklyn Strategist*

Brooklyn Music School - OFFSITE

Backpacks & Binoculars - OFFSITE


Cheerleading - Ms. Palma & Ms. S

Robotics - Ms. Stephanie & Mr. Moises

Chorus (runs Winter & Spring) - Mr. Kyle

Brooklyn Music School - OFFSITE

Backpacks & Binoculars - OFFSITE

PLEASE NOTE! While most 9 Hanover ICS afterschool programs end at 5:00, we are happy to announce that the Science, Language and Arts International School (also in 9 Hanover) will be picking up 2-4 graders in need of programming from 5:00-6:00pm. You can see a list of their programs here (cooking, ceramics, guitar and more). Please be sure to list ICS (9 Hanover) as your child's school so that they know to pick them up. Thank you! REGISTRATION: Please register for these classes hereCONTACT: Elizabeth Lahart, email: elahart@slaschool.org, phone: 718-636-3836.


The Stage

Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm

At The Stage, we aim to provide children with the finest quality of performing arts training in a fun, friendly and caring environment. Our musical theater classes give children top quality training while letting them have fun and make friends. Our teaching staff are handpicked for their professional experience from Broadway, national tours or regional theater work as well as their love for teaching children.

The performing arts are an important discipline for children. They help promote confidence, creativity and self-esteem. We make sure our classes give each and every child the chance to shine and express themselves while working as an ensemble and learning about team work.

Monday’s Stage stars (grades 2-4) will be working on the musical 'MATILDA'
Tuesday's Theater Bugs (grades K-1st) will be working on 'PETER PAN'

The Stage offer a 50% sibling discount for classes.

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
CONTACT: Beth Kent, email: thestagetheaterschool@gmail.com, phone: 718-928-3779

Emperors and Dragons/Splat Lab with Anthropology Arts

Emperors and Dragons
Students in this class will investigate cultural artifacts and folktales from Chinese emperors. We will work on arts-based projects that focus on: Dragons! Stories of female Empresses! Jade Burial Suits! and The Hungry Ghost Festival. Youth will be able to describe details from Chinese culture and folklore such as the importance of calligraphy, dragons and jade, the influence of the natural environment in Chinese culture and pandas!

Splat Lab
This enrichment class gives youth the opportunity to explore, create, problem solve and have fun! Each class will feature a cool project such as making slime, unicorn poop or marshmallow towers. Every session will allow for student choice and the option for free exploration such as tinker stations, butcher paper free draw or beading.

After Care Crew:
After Care Crew aims to create a special environment where students who attend after school extra late, feel like they are part of a VIP crew. We set up engaging but chill activities for youth and kids get to name the crew and help design activities.

Anthropology Arts, Friday 4:00-5:00pm at 9 Hanover Place please register here.
Splat Lab, Friday 5:00-6:00pm at 9 Hanover Place please register here.
Splat Lab, Friday 4:00-5:00pm at 55 Whilloughby Street please register here.
After Care Crew, Friday 5:00-6:00pm at 55 Whilloughby Street please register here
CONTACT: Taylor Vecchio, email: Tvecchio@anthropologyarts.com , phone: 646-343-9888

Mad Science

Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm

Bugs, Birds, Beasts & Beyond Explore the natural world and it’s adaptations. Observe creepy crawly bugs, make casts of animal tracks & study the feeding habits of owls as we dissect their lunch’s remains. Some of the weekly topics in this session are: Bugs, Earthworks, Walloping Weather, Mission Nutrition, All about Animals, Life in the Sea, The Birds & the Beasts, Earth Awareness, Nature and The Science of Sport!

REGISTRATION - 55 Willoughby: Please register for this class here.
                             9 Hanover: Please register for this class here.
CONTACT: Katherine Coleman, email: katherinec@madsciencenyc.com, phone: 888-623-3724

Brooklyn Strategist

Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm

Brain Benders (55 Willoughby): $326
This problem-solving series is for children that demonstrate an affinity for strategic thinking. We introduce these gamers to a wide range of game genres from ancient strategy to modern board games.  Throughout the program players will explore deeper strategy elements and multidimensional thinking. As always, participants will also focus on issues of ‘good sportsmanship’ while simultaneously trying to outwit and out strategize their opponents. Games may include: 7 Wonders, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Boggle, Sushi Go!, Splendor, Dragonwood, Machi Koro, Ticket to Ride, Small World.

Mind Masters (9 Hanover): $406
This Mensa Select series is for children that have shown an interest in games that involve strategic thinking. Your gamers will be introduced to classic games and strategy basics all designed to promote linear mathematical concepts, working memory, and perceptual organization. Throughout the program, participants will focus on practicing good sportsmanship while simultaneously having fun trying to outwit and out-strategize their opponents. Game List may include: Mancala, Senet, Look Look, Mine Shift, Qwirkle, Dizios, Yikerz, Sleeping Queen, Gin Rummy, Chess, Bakers Dozen, Loot, Tsuro, Sushi Go, Carcassonne.

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
CONTACT: Dan Park, email: kids@thebrooklynstrategist.com, phone: 718-576-3035

Schoolhouse Chess

Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm

Schoolhouse Chess is devoted to helping kids develop learning and thinking skills by teaching them chess. Chess has been proven to help with logic, memory, analysis, reading, and mathematics, and has even been shown to improve IQ. However, Schoolhouse Chess understands the importance of making learning fun! We teach chess with fun characters and stories that are woven into a logical, step-by-step curriculum that begins with the basic rules and extends through advanced strategies and tactics.

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
CONTACT: Katherine Coleman, email: katherinec@madsciencenyc.com, phone: 888-623-3724


Brooklyn Music School

Location: 126 St Felix St
Time: 4:00pm - 6:15pm
Days: Monday - Friday, Thursday half-day program from 12:30-6:15pm

Note that if you are choosing Thursday there is a special question. Remember to tick the box that says "Yes my student attends International Charter School and I require early pick up."

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their location.
CONTACT: Christian Colón, email: ccolon@brooklynmusicschool.org, phone: 718-638-5660

Backpacks & Binoculars

Locations: 80 Willoughby St AND 36 St. Felix St
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Days: Monday - Friday, Thursday half-day program from 12:30-6:00pm

Explore the world! At Backpacks & Binoculars Afterschool Adventures, we travel the globe through an interdisciplinary study of countries and cultures around the world. Through in-depth examination and hands-on experiences, we cultivate young minds to view themselves as an integral part of the continued growth of our global community. As part of this experience, our students relate back to their own culture and heritage to discover what makes them a unique global citizen. 

In additional to childcare, all of our afterschool explorers participate in daily enrichment classes daily: Inventor's Workshop (Monday), Book Adventures (Tuesday), Global Kitchen (Wednesday), Artworks (Thursday). 

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their locations.
CONTACT: Sarah Roussel, email: camp@backpacksandbinoculars.com

Created By Kids

Location: 592 Pacific St (near Atlantic Terminal)
Time: 12:30-3:30pm with additional extended day option from 3:30 - 5:30pm
Day: Thursday half-day program . NEW this year: Professional Development Days (8am - 3:30pm). 

At Created By Kids the students will get to try their hand at a little bit of everything during our Fine Arts half day classes. We’ll learn about famous artists and use their work as inspiration for our projects. 

Students will get the chance to try out an array of art mediums and techniques.  We will learn about different forms of printmaking relief, mono and screen printing. The children will be working with clay, both hand build and on the pottery wheel. We will then practice drawing techniques with self portraits and characters. We will focus on composition, layout, perspective, line, and shading. 

We will even combine some of the art mediums to create unique mixed media projects. This is a great chance for your child to try out new art processes, while learning about the history of fine art. This class is designed for students in K-4th grade, we tailor our art projects to fit the students age and abilities.

Families that register for the remainder of the schoolyear through June 13 will receive a 10% discount on fees.

REGISTRATION: Please register for this class here.
Created By Kids give a discount for families that register through to the end of the year.
PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their location.
CONTACT: Rene Czika, email: rene@createdbykidsnyc.com

Ha'Geemnasia Hebrew After School

Location: 274 Garfield Pl, Congregation Beth Elohim  
Time: 12:30 - 3:00pm, with optional enrichment program until 6:00pm.
Day: Thursday half-day program
PLEASE NOTE: Thursday half-days at Ha'Geemnasia begin on 9/6 and on 12/6.

This class focuses on learning Hebrew, Jewish culture and Art. The students will also learn a Hebrew vocabulary as well as identifying and writing the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Each student will create a pop up book reflecting our studies.

We will also explore different techniques of printing and painting inspired by Israeli artists.

This class is for Hebrew speakers as well as Hebrew learners.

Students will be picked up by the teachers from ICS, and class will be at CBE between 1-3pm. CBE also offer enrichment programs that run until 6pm for families that require this.

REGISTRATION: Register for this class here. Please click the ‘register for CBE kids’ button.
PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their location.
CONTACT: Bobbie Finkelstein, email: bfinkelstein@cbebk.org

Ann's Family Daycare

Location: Downtown Brooklyn
Time: 2:00 - 6:30pm
Day: Monday - Friday

At Ann's Family Daycare, we are focused on providing care for children in a warm and safe environment to all families.  We have been in operation since 2005 and are licensed through the Department of Health.  We do more than help each child reach milestones in our care.  We foster growth and development in all of our children through the use of Developmentally Appropriate Practice.  We develop life long relationships with our families.

After-School Program
We have quarterly enrichment programs in our afterschool program such as Legos, music, sewing, cooking, and art offering children creative learning experiences.  We assist in Homework help and tutoring.  The program is open from 2:00 - 6:00 pm. We serve nutritious meals through the CACFP program which includes supper and a snack to all children in the program.  We also offer care on weekly 1/2 days, out-of-school time, and pick-up from local schools. Care must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance. 

We offer afternoon transportation.  We can pick up your child and safely drop them off at a nearby afterschool or enrichment program. 

REGISTRATION: Please register by phone: 917-586-8097
PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their location.
CONTACT: Rowlanda Smith, phone: 917-586-8097

Gymstars - at Trilok

Location: 143 Waverly Ave
Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm
Day: Monday, Thursday half-day program from 12:30-6:00pm

Gymstars Gymnastics - Action-packed with exciting skills to learn and movement routines that motivate and challenge! Class warms up with lively music, next we condition with cross mat tumbling (no waiting in lines!). Then our gymnasts are led through an obstacle course of Gymnastic & Circus skills as they master the challenges in their paths; all while having TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF FUN!

For the Monday classes, the Gymstars' semester is ongoing and runs through April 15th. Families not already attending are welcome to join, and the fees for the semester will be prorated.

Monday class: please register here. ICS students should choose one of the 4:30 - 5:30 class times as well as the pick up option!
Thursday half day: please register here.

PICK UP: Available from 55 Willoughby and 9 Hanover to their location.
CONTACT: Aimee German, email: aimshow@hotmail.com, phone: 718-623-8560 


Kids Orbit

Locations: On-Site at 55 Willoughby Street & 9 Hanover
Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm
Days: Monday - Friday, Thursday half-day program from 12:30pm - 6:00pm

Financial aid offered through the school.  Register here.  

Our contact at Kids Orbit is Reina. If you have any questions, you can call her at 718-768-4426.